Estate Planning

Many of us never consider the importance of having a complete estate plan. However, when one dies unexpectedly, not having a will and estate plan can place an additional burden on your loved ones. Keep in mind, estate plans are important for everyone, not just those who have a significant amount of wealth, they are for everyone including those with children, or those who have a family member with special needs. Contacting a Kentucky & Ohio estate planning lawyer to help you work out a personalized plan that meets your needs can help ensure your final wishes are carried out.

Estate planning benefits families

When a person dies without a will they are considered to be “intestate”. This means the courts will make a final decision on the disposition of the assets of your estate. Furthermore, this also means that if you have specific wishes regarding charitable donations, disposition of family heirlooms or care of minor children, they may not be fulfilled. Your family would be far better served by your having a detailed will that explains your wishes fully.

Contacting an estate planning attorney

Many of us have life insurance policies and retirement accounts that are designated to specific beneficiaries. However, there are other assets such as your bank accounts, family treasures and even the care of your minor children or other special needs family members that may require special attention in a will. When you contact an attorney, you should be prepared to discuss your entire estate as well as any business assets you own which may impact how your plan is crafted.

No one size fits all

At the legal office of Attorney Parker L. Clifton, we understand that there is no one single estate plan that is good for every person. You need someone who will take the time to review your entire estate and help you determine the best way to craft your estate plan to your specifications. Whether you live in Kentucky or Ohio, we can help you create a plan that works best for you and your family members.

Estate planning is something that should be done as soon as possible Life is simply unpredictable and we never know what tomorrow may bring. Once a plan has been crafted, keep in mind, you have complete control over when it should be changed. Contact Attorney Parker L. Clifton today and let us help you design an estate plan that meets your needs.

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