“The Talk” – Guest blog by Suzanne Piper

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Suzanne Piper, a Certified Senior Advisor, Kathy Nafus of ITN, and will be leading a discussion on the topic.

“The Talk”

How do you have a conversation with your loved one about aging issues and important matters? Having “the talk” is often awkward and uncomfortable. How do you respect your parent/loved one while initiating important issues?

  1. Have your discussions before there is a time of crisis.
  2. Have your conversations person centered. Your discussions should be an ongoing dialogue with your loved one while respecting their role as your parent or loved one. Let them know you want to respect their wishes. Ask them how they want to live the rest of their lives. Do they want to live at home or in an older adult community? Do they have the finances to provide for their wishes? Ask them if they are willing to share their financial information with you so you know what to do in case of emergency. Ask them about funeral and burial options. Ask them if they have their lives planned out and/or if that is something you can help them with. Discuss all matters with them of importance.
  3. Talk with them about having all of their documents in one place
  4. Discuss with your loved one the importance of legal documents. Legal documents give them the opportunity to make all of their decisions themselves and have legal documentation of their wishes. These documents then “spring” into action when your loved one is unable to make decisions for themselves.
  5. Talk with your loved one is a respectful manner. Speak calmly, quietly. Remind your loved one that the decisions they make are theirs alone. Yet explain to them the importance of sharing this information with you.
  6. Let them know that you understand that they are able to make their decisions now, but “what-if” something would happen. You or their designated agent must know their wishes, the documents they have, their financial status, and more. If you are going to honor their wishes, you must be privy to their documents and information.
  7. Remember that none of us want to lose our independence. Offer to help them find ways to age in place and with grace. Discuss what kind of support may be available to them and ways to finance their needs. If Assisted Living or Long-term care is needed, help them choose a place they would like to go to. Work with a Senior Advisor that can assist you and them in finding reputable resources and facilities in your community.
  8. Ask your Senior Advisor to help you and your loved ones plan for the transitions in aging. As a Certified Senior Advisor, I can assist Seniors and their families with a Care Coordination Plan that ensures Seniors to Age with Grace. Through a thorough consultation, I help you navigate the resources needed to honor your loved ones wishes.
  9. Share ideas with your loved one. Help them discover ways for them to remain as independent as possible as they Transition through the different phases of Aging.
  10. Learn about illnesses and or chronic conditions your loved one may have. What does this look like for them now and how will their condition progress? Help them to prepare for what might come and any limitations their illness may have. With this you can help them plan for changes and challenges that may occur.

Suzanne can be reached at 859-250-9134

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